Welcome!!  I am so blessed to be able to share one of my greatest passion in art with you.  Art and the amazing abilities of colors has been a pleasing site to my eye since as far as I can remember. Starting a family of my own, I wanted to capture some of the greatest moments in life, the frozen in time candid shots that tell a great story beyond the smiles, laughter, and touching hugs. I wanted to ultimately share my passion with everyone so they too can create their memories for generations to come. I am a busy working mom by day, and an artist by part time.  Beyond that, my goal is to create sessions that are memorable, beautiful, and breathtaking, yet affordable!     I am a mother of 3, a wife, a career driven individual, with photography on my free time. Life gets busy, but making memories should be a natural everyday thing.  

My goal is to capture beauty with posed shots, and candid shots for story telling, and styled sessions to enjoy for a lifetime. 

Love, Tracie

Taking  Making Memories to a whole new level, because things end, but tangible memories will last forever. 

Meet Tracy!